can you take nyquil when you are on klonopin

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Best Answer: It is probably fine, you can use the Interaction Checker on If you are very worried, call the pharmacist at your local pharmacy and ask.
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Can you mix take nyquil and klonopin? ChaCha Answer: Kionopin, accentuates the effects of other drugs that slow the brain's processes.
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How long after expiration date can you use singulair. Even 10 years after the "expiration date," most drugs have a can you take nyquil when you are on klonopin good deal. Can you give cats benadryl for allergies?
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Best Answer: Your best (and safest) bet would be to ask a pharmacist if there are any interactions listed between the drugs and supplements you're taking. Doctors and .
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You should not mix medication unless perscribed by a doctor. If someone that is not a doctor say that it
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